collaborated with Sea-Gull Watch Company, China

Shiyi Liang

Triple – O was designed and developed as the final project in 2017, won A Design Silver 2018. The main concept of this new transverse watch is from the Rotary Engine of Mazda RX-8 roadster. By adopting the Lelord Triangle features of Rotary Engine, combined with planetary gear set, Triple – O achieves the unique way of time reading.

  •  New type of watch hand is able to indicate both Hour and Minute.
  •  Minute is separated into two wheels to display minutes in wheel.
  •  The quadrangular shape design of Hour meets three planets set need, each quadrangular hour wheel displays three hours.
  •  Flexible watch lugs design provides more comforts in wearing, coordinated with Lelord triangle shape.

TRIPLE – O is targeted as new vogue watch for sports lovers.

The color choices is designed to meet the spirit of motorsports, same as what has been conveyed by MAZDA – RX8 Roadster, helping aspiring racing drivers to reach their potential and harness their talent.