The Runshi project was collaborated with Sea-Gull Watch Company in China.

The concept of Runshi  Watch originated from traditional Chinese art, Freehand. With the application of optical illusion, the elegance of fish swimming is well displayed on the watch dial as second. Runshi Watch Seeing The Time is aimed to convey Chinese philosophy, move and still, converting abstract time elapsing into concrete swimming fish. Different from conventional mechanical wristwatch, Runshi Watch offers an innovative visual experience.

The award of China Excellent Industrial Design 2016 promotes the final launch of Runshi Watch in 2018, with the collaboration of Watch Company of Sea-Gull, China.

Artur Ma, Shiyi Liang, Xinyu Song, 2018





Three movements of fish animation indicate the time elapsing.





30 – second display of fish swimming.

Each second, the posture of fish will change once.





Sea -Gull ST3640 Movement

Evolved from ST3600, customized for Runshi Watch










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